New students are required to make full payment prior to joining their first lesson. Once full payment is made your position is reserved for that team. There are no refunds for any reason after joining, as you have taken a position we could have offered to someone else.

Group / Squad Lessons

All students in these sessions have made full payment and thus we have reserved a position in that perticular lesson. Make up lessons are only guaranteed when the lesson is called off by Mad Athletes. If you fail to show up for your lesson for whatever reason, we DO NOT offer a refund or make up class UNLESS we have a position available in another class suitable.

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be booked in either term blocks for a discount or paid by the lesson at a higher rate. Lessons paid casually cannot be permanently booked.

Private lessons booked in term blocks receive a discount and have their day and time guaranteed for the entire term. However, if the lessons are not used within the term you forfeit all remaining sessions, NO EXCEPTIONS!

As our peak sessions are held after school, we cannot afford cancelations in private sessions. If this happens to often, then we will need to discuss another time more appropriate.


If it looks like it could rain and a washout could be called, please DON’T call us! In the event of a washout, we will text message all parents with the mobile number you have entered on your application form. If we are coaching then you will not receive a text message.


In the event of a hot day, coaching will always be on. We adjust our sessions with less running and more work on technical aspects of the game, more drink breaks and generally an ice pole for the kids when they finish. Please make sure a hat is worn and sunscreen is applied.